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Quantum Chemistry


In the simulation of chemical reaction, it is essential to take the quantum mechanical behavior of electrons and atoms contained in a molecule into consideration. This is a such a difficult issue for conventional computers that do not utilize the principle of quantum mechanics,  even for supercomputers.                                                                                                                               Since quantum computers operate on the principle of quantum mechanics, quantum behavior can be simulated naturally by them. For this reason, molecular orbital calculation and the chemical reaction simulation, where quantum mechanics becomes important, are accelerated, and has a potential of the application to research on materials development and pharmaceutical field.


Quantum machine learning and optimization

Quantum states are described by exponentially high-dimensional vectors in proportion to the number of quantum bits, and the computation of quantum computers corresponds to the calculation of matrices for this high-dimensional vector.                                                                          

 A quantum computer using such a high-dimensional linear system of quantum mechanics is expected to be able to efficiently perform operations necessary for processing high-dimensional data in machine learning fields, such as eigenvalue calculation and inverse matrix calculation.


Error correction

Since quantum bits are vulnerable to noise, computing power of quantum computers without error correction is limited.

It is important to develop a quantum error correction technology and to implement advanced quantum algorithms that cannot be substituted by conventional computers. Quantum devices that will be realized in the near future are significant as testing devices to examine the performance and improvement methods of quantum error correction.