Our Mission

Even though quantum physics is a relatively new field built in the beginning of the 20th century, it plays an important role in the technology that supports us nowadays. Some of the examples are MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus) and laser therapy used for precise examinations at hospitals, and semiconductors mounted on computers. 

QunaSys was established to bring out quantum physics to the front stage and realize the technology that couldn’t be achieved with conventional technology by actively taking advantage of quantum mechanics.

Research and development of quantum computer hardware are advancing rapidly, and quantum computer is expected to be utilized in several fields represented by chemical simulation, machine learning and optimization in the near future. In order to realize this, we should deeply understand advantage of quantum computer and brings out its maximum potential based on expertise on quantum mechanics and quantum information theory.

QunaSys is here with experts from the forefront of related fields and ready to bring innovation with high professionality and engineering skills.

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